A-Team (Admin Team) October Message to Families

Dear PS 207 Families,

We have certainly had a fantastic month here…it’s been incredibly busy, but the progress the students have made in just a few short weeks has been astounding! By now, everyone is settling in well to their new classrooms, their new routines and getting down to the business of learning. We anticipate a wonderful learning experience for all our students and embrace the initiatives that our NYC DOE has embarked upon. The beginning of a new school year has always had a special meaning and a sense of excitement. It is a time that marks a fresh start, exciting possibilities, and great promise. For children, it means new friends and teachers, new learning, discovery, and growth. As educators, we look forward to working with our families to lay the foundation for a joyful and successful school experience.

As families who have been with us know, at PS 207, we believe in the power of having a growth mindset. This is the belief that intelligence and ability are not fixed traits or that we are born with only so much of them. Rather, with effort and perseverance all students are capable of academic achievement, and they are praised for approaching the process of learning with grit and determination. Every day, we immerse our students in a growth mindset in our classrooms, and approach each day with the knowledge that all of our students will experience tremendous learning and success, and grow in ways they never thought possible.

We have all returned from a year filled with high emotions (both good and bad). We must keep this in the forefront of our minds each day, and maintain a growth mindset approach each and every day. As we come back together, let's focus on what matters. by celebrating the return of our students and families and celebrating each child's academic progress. Let's promote inner growth, more self-direction, and greater understanding throughout the year. Simply said, let's evoke a joy for learning in new and innovative ways.

A tremendous priority is the maintenance of a home-school relationship. The foundation of this relationship is paramount and keeping lines of communication open is essential. We use e-mail, Class Dojo, School Messenger, Instagram, Google Classroom, notes, and phone calls to communicate throughout the year. The best method for contacting teachers is via a Class Dojo message, which teachers will respond to within 24 hours. In addition, teachers are available by appointment to meet with parents on Thursdays and Fridays from 2:20-2:50 in our small yard. We look forward to working in partnership with all of our families for a successful year.

Another wonderful norm at PS 207 are our celebrations. We dedicate each month to a specific celebration. Our Sunshine Team will be be adding our Monthly Celebrations to our Family Calendar posted on this site.

October Celebrations

October is Red Ribbon month. The end of October became formalized as Red Ribbon Week in 1988 by a proclamation of the United States Congress. It was inspired by the tragic death in 1985 of an undercover Drug Enforcement Administration Agent at the hands of Mexican drug traffickers. Red Ribbon activities are organized each October by ten of thousands of schools, government agencies, and social service organizations. The main purpose of Red Ribbon is to celebrate and promote positive choices and healthy, drug free lifestyles for young people and adults in the Unites States. For the first time, PS 207 will join this effort and will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week this year in late October. Details will follow.

One of our favorite traditions at PS 207 is Book-O-Ween! Each grade level engages in a year long study of a specific author throughout the year. Our Book-O-Ween celebration allows our students to celebrate the author and characters from the books they are studying. More info to follow from classroom teachers regarding the character costumes that students will showcase during our Book-O-Ween Parade (please note: Students wear the character costumes and celebrate books and reading throughout the day in lieu of typical Halloween costumes).

We are looking forward to an October, and school year filled with joyful moments and memories with each and every one of our students and families. Thank you for all you do to continuously contribute to the positive culture of our school.


Ms. OBrien, Ms. Betancourt & Ms. Santiago