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P.S. 207 Content Literacy & Math

At P.S. 207, we believe that our students need to develop what we refer to as advanced literacies in order to be academically and personally successful in today’s literacy and knowledge-based society. Advanced literacies refers to the skills and competencies that enable communication, spoken and written, in increasingly diverse ways and with increasingly diverse audiences. Our content-based units of study and lessons embed the Hallmarks of Advanced Literacy, as well as the Next Generation Standards which provide the foundation for the acquisition of new content through general literacy skills, content-specific literacy skills (such as map reading in the social studies,) and prior knowledge of content. These experiences are scaffolded in the early grades with a focus on Learning to Read and Write to prepare our students for Reading and Writing to Learn, preparing our student. Likewise, they make way for participation in academic, civic, and professional communities, where knowledge is shared and generated.

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Third Grade Author Study: Alma Flor Ada

At P.S. 207, each grade levels across our school engages in a weekly, year-long author study designed to spark students' life-long interest in reading. The author becomes a "writing mentor" for readers as they read and study his/her work and respond to it through a variety of writing while comparing and contrasting themes, analyzing text and illustrations, and making connections between an author's life, the books and the reader's own life and work. The author study promotes deeper understanding, and supports our focus on continuously building the advanced literacy skills of all of our students through daily experiences with engaging texts, vocabulary, writing and discussions.

Resources: Alma Flor Ada