Ms. Parry

I never recognized a desire to go into teaching when I was young. Instead, I thought my calling was in corporate America and I became an accountant. I quickly realized that I made a mistake. At that time however, I didn’t have a choice and had to stick with my decision and stay the course because I had a family to support.

Many years later when my daughter, Meredith was in elementary school and struggling with her reading, she had the most amazing Kindergarten teacher, Ms M. She became my daughter Meredith’s champion and her tutor. She not

only guided her through very tough times in her learning but taught her how to manage her reading disability. Ms. M was also there for me as her parent and guided me through the special education evaluation process and explained everything to me. Meredith today is an Administrator in the Education field and has multiple degrees in education. She herself has become an advocate for children. Watching Ms. M with my daughter showed me what I truly wanted to do for other children and families. I knew then that I needed to go back to school and change my life. I wanted to be a person like Ms. M and make a positive impact on the lives of children and families. I went into education because I genuinely have a love for children. I've wanted to make an impact on their lives just like Ms. M impacted my daughter and my life. I truly believe that we as educators have the power to provide students with the tools to interact with the world. My favorite part of my work is my students. Kids are so full of life and look at the world in fresh and new ways. They teach me something new every single day!