Music at PS 207 will provide all students with a comprehensive, standards-based music education. The study of music fosters artistic development, critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, and the pursuit of life-long learning. Through performing and responding to music, all students develop individual skills, realize a sense of belonging, and establish connections to the community.

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We at PS 207 believe that the visual arts provide students with the opportunity to develop their creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will use art tools and materials safely and independently . Students will become confident in using a variety of art media and techniques. They will will learn Vocabulary including the elements of arts. They will generate and express ideas independently and use group projects to collaborate. Students will have fun in the art studio.


PS 207 will utilize state-of-the-art technology to personalize and enhance the educational experience of our students by developing critical thinking and problem- solving skills through technology centered project-based learning. Through the use of technology we will transform the way students learn and communicate. We strongly believe that the use of technology will promote creativity, innovation and collaboration skills needed for success as the leaders of tomorrow. Technology instruction will be integrated in the curriculum for math, language arts, science, visual arts and music.

Students will have access to the latest, interactive panels, SmartBoards, document cameras, iPads, tablets and Mac/Lenovo computers.

STEM Science

STEM Science is a nationally recognized program that takes an inter disciplinary approach to science. Students are exposed to a full range of subject areas as they learn about science using technology, engineering and math. At its core, STEM is a problem solving approach that teaches the students to utilize the scientific method to conduct investigations to explore the world around them. Units of study are different for grades K-2

Each grade focuses on three units each unit exposes the students to life science, physical science, and earth science.

Library Media Center

PS 207 is in the process of designing and building a new state-of-the-art library and multi-media center. The goal of this project is to create a space where students can immerse themselves in traditional texts as well as experience the wonder of stories and the vast wealth of information available in new digital media. It will also be a space where students can use their own curiosity and creativity to explore, question, build, and learn.

Physical Education

The ultimate goal of our Physical Education program is to provide students with the necessary skills to live healthy, active, and fun lifestyles. Our program provides a variety of learning experiences by offering a variety of age-appropriate activities that include movement, fitness, sports, recreation/leisure actives, and dance, as well as teaching children health and wellness topics. We want students to develop life-long habits of fitness and health which they will share with their families and friends outside of school. Physical Education teaches more than just games, it gives the students social, communication, and team-building skills as well as ways to be physically active.


P.S. 207 students will be participating in a school wide yoga program beginning the 2021-2022 school year. Students will learn strategies to cultivate self awareness, self regulation and higher consciousness. The original context of yoga is to train one's body and mind to self observe. The goal of this program is to teach students the importance of self care and body awareness.