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February 2022

In New York City, children enter kindergarten in the fall of the calendar year they turn five, and are guaranteed a kindergarten seat at a public school. Once your child starts kindergarten, they can remain at the same school until its final elementary grade. We would love to have your children attend begin their elementary school years at PS 207, where our vision of Growing Leaders of Today and Tomorrow, is supported by our mission, to unite, ignite a love of learning and to create a joyful, equitable and culturally responsive learning environment which fosters the leadership skills and values necessary for the success of all members of our school community.

APPLY TODAY! The kindergarten application deadline is today! Apply online now by clicking:

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Choose up to 12 schools that you’d like your child to attend.

Add these programs to their kindergarten application.

Order these school choices in the application in your order of preference, with your favorite school at the top as #1.

Your child will get an offer to your highest possible choice considering the factors discussed in the “Learn How Students Get Offers” section above.